9th SKM Symposium 2015 Bochum:
Explicating the Multi-Level-Perspective of Dynamic Capability Research


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Conference Venue

The Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) was founded 1965 in the midst of the metropolitan Ruhr area as the first new public university of the Federal Republic of Germany. 2015 is the year of celebrating the university’s 50th anniversary with a vivid program for experiencing science. Today, more than 42,000 students are enrolled, and the university employs over 5,600 staff members within 20 departments, which makes it one of the largest universities in Germany. Its excellence programs have achieved international reputation, and its Research School has become an international college for structured doctoral research.

The Institute of Work Science (IAW) is a central academic institution located at the RUB campus. With its interdisciplinary and application-oriented research activities, the institute focusses on topics of organizational change by highlighting the interdependence of organization, people and technology. The institute has been developing and conducting innovative postgraduate programs for almost 30 years.

Bochum is a city located at the heart of the Ruhr area, which is a part of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. With a population of 365,000, Bochum is one of the most populous cities of the cultural and industrial landscape of the Ruhr. During the year 2010, the Ruhr region was the European Capital of Culture. With over 8.5 million residents, it is the largest urban agglomeration in Germany. Further pieces of information are available at https://www.bochum-tourismus.de/en/index.php.

Thanks to its central location at the heart of the Ruhr area, Bochum is easily reached, either by railway or by the excellent network of highways (A40, A43, A44, A45). Next major airport is Düsseldorf International (DUS), which can be reached by car in 45 minutes, or by trains (ICE, RE) in 35 minutes. Bochum main railway station links the city with all major urban centers in Germany and provides easy access to cities such as Düsseldorf (trip duration about 50 minutes), Cologne (70 minutes), Frankfurt/M. (2 h, 15 minutes), Essen (10 minutes), or Dortmund (11 minutes).